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The cultural metaverse is the initiation and guidance of the global metaverse. There are no national boundaries in the metaverse, however, the cultural metaverse has its respective characteristics and national genes of the country, which also determines the civilizational autonomy, communication discourse power and national soft power of a country in the future advanced civilization stage of human beings.

For the purpose of accelerating the construction of the cultural metaverse system with Chinese characteristicsthe School of Humanities of Tongji University, the School of Communication of East China University of Political Science and Law, and the National Image Communication Research Center of Tsinghua University initiated and jointly organized the "Impression of China in Cultural Metaverse" cutting-edge workshop and national creative communication competition with a group of key university faculties and research institutions, the CICG Metaverse International Communication Laboratory and other related leading cultural metaverse enterprises, which officially opened on September 9.

Different from the general creative competitions, the "Impression of China in the Cultural Mateverse" national creative communication competition adopts a new formata combination of "study module and submission module". Participants can listen to the lecture and study first and then submit their works for the competition

Study moduleRelying on the construction of the national first-class undergraduate courses of "Cultural Industry Management", "Journalism and Communication" and the first-class postgraduate courses of digital media, the workshop sets up eight cultural metaverse topics, including cultural museum and tourism, urban cultural space, blockchain digital collection, media, audio culture, big data empowerment and legal compliance. Professors from Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Wuhan University, University of Science and Technology of China and other famous universities are invited to systematically teach the theories related to the cultural metaverse. What is more distinctive is that the workshop creates opportunities for students to experience and learn through on-site immersion from cutting-edge cultural metaverse enterprises, such as BroadMesse International, Fengyuzhu, Bianjie.AI, China Net, SMG, Himalaya, Shanghai Data Exchange Corp and so on. The heads of cultural metaverse enterprises personally teach innovative practices with Chinese characteristics, which could help students to master the most systematic theoretical and practical knowledge system of the cultural metaverse, seize the "secret key" to the cultural metaverse in advance.

"Submission" Module: With the core mission of "Telling the Chinese Story of the Cultural Metaverse", the National Creative Communication Competition is open to talented undergraduate and graduate students of all majors as well as competent professionals and institutions all over the world to collect various digital creative and digital technology works reflecting Chinese elements, Chinese impression, Chinese communication and Chinese characteristics, such as written works, design works, art works, audio and video works, XR works, software and game works, and creative design and construction of virtual space. The competition is divided into two categories: student group and professional group, with four themes: "urban creativity", "commercial application", "future communication" and "cultural inheritance", and five sections of "oriented creativity" for the business needs of enterprises. All the entries will be confirmed and permanently stored by the leading blockchain in China. The winning works of the competition will be rewarded with a series of metaverse-related certificates and prizes. Besides, the outstanding creative works will have the opportunity to be selected by the forefront cultural metaverse enterprises to sign up for cooperation and then you will open up your own cultural metaverse business. You may also be selected by companies for priority employment opportunities.

The registration details and schedule of the "Impression of China in the Cultural Metaverse" Workshop and the National Creative Communication Competition are released through the Department of Arts and Cultural Industries of Tongji University, the official public numbers of the School of Communication of East China University of Political Science and Law and the National Image Communication Research Center of Tsinghua University and other related media. The first session of the Cutting-edge Workshop was opened at 1:30 pm on September 9, 2022. For more latest information about the workshop and the competition, please check the relevant public numbers and media.

Let's create the splendid and glorious impression of China in the cultural metaverse together!

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